The Benefits of Using Plastic Linen Transport Carts

Plastic linen transport carts are utilized by the hotel, resort, hospitality, hospital, and prison industries. Since our linen transport carts are moved around a lot, it’s vital to have a cart that is made of a corrosion resistant and durable material. Our plastic linen transport carts are aesthetically pleasing and deliver superior functionality. They can…
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Applications for our Commercial Recycling Containers & Dumpsters

Commercial recycling containers are utilized by many businesses to properly and safely remove waste. Since not all waste is meant to go into a trashcan or dumpster, the commercial recycling containers are the perfect environmentally friendly solution. They help reduce landfill waste and have lower impacts on the environment. Plastic commercial recycling containers are used…
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The Benefits of Using Plastic Dumpsters Versus Steel or Aluminum

Commercial dumpsters are utilized by almost every industry, including corporate offices, restaurants, industrial plants, and stadiums. Since these commercial dumpsters are placed outside and exposed to the elements, it’s vital to have a dumpster that is made of a corrosion-resistant and durable material. Steel and aluminum dumpsters are used for commercial waste needs, but these…
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Common Laundry Cart & Material Handling Cart Applications

If you’re a business that deals with a vast amount of laundry daily, then a laundry cart is an essential part of your operations. Linen exchange carts are useful for transporting heavy loads of laundry from point to point in a quick and efficient manner. Bulk linen transport carts can be used in a variety…
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