7016RC Plastic Commercial Utility Cart

7016RC Plastic Commercial Utility Cart

Nestable industrial strength plastic economical utility cart for material handling and textile dye tubs.



Inside Dimensions

Outside Dimensions


Frame Style

Caster Sizes

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Caster Material Options

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This 7016RC Plastic Economical Utility Cart is perfect for material handling, including usage as hotel laundry carts and college moving carts. This utility cart has a capacity of 17 cubic feet and is available in many different colors.  These plastic utility carts are also nestable, making them easier to transport. With tough polyethylene construction, there are a number of available options for your 7016RC Plastic Economical Utility Cart, including custom designs, drain holes, stenciled numbers and letters, hinged lids, handles, and spring lifts. We also offer 7016RC Plastic Economical Utility Carts with wheels.

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