Applications for our Commercial Recycling Containers & Dumpsters

Commercial recycling containers are utilized by many businesses to properly and safely remove waste. Since not all waste is meant to go into a trashcan or dumpster, commercial recycling containers are the perfect environmentally friendly solution. They help reduce landfill waste and have lower impacts on the environment.

Plastic commercial recycling containers are used to recycle organic waste produced by restaurants, food processing plants, and residential areas. They are an ideal solution for eliminating leakage and preventing groundwater contamination which can cause hazardous walking areas. Multiple plastic commercial recycling containers can be used on site to separate paper, plastic, cardboard, and metals from one another. When separating the different recyclables, it ensures they go to their respective recycling facilities.

Another type of debris that can be recycled using our plastic containers is debris from construction or demolition caused by home remodeling or construction projects. Many do not realize that these projects can produce recyclable materials, such as roofing shingles and different types of metals. When waste is properly disposed of in commercial recyclable containers, it helps eliminate disposal costs when they are dropped off at their correct facility by the waste management company.

Plastic commercial recycling containers from DPI make it easy for a quiet pickup and removal of the container without disturbing the space where it is located. The waste management company will take the recyclables to a facility where it will get sorted and materials will get reused again.

If you are interested in a quote for our commercial recycling containers, please request a quote today online.

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