Benefits of our Plastic Products for Industrial Companies

Diversified Plastics provides a variety of industrial plastic products to manufacturing, construction, and industrial plant companies. Industrial plastic products such as utility carts with wheels and industrial plastic bins help these companies organize and transport a variety of materials. This allows companies to in turn save both time and money!

Construction workers utilize our utility carts with wheels to transport supplies such as roofing materials, wood pallets, furniture, household goods, and more [1]. Lightweight, durable, and low maintenance, our utility carts deliver superior functionality for construction workers. DPI offers large and small utility carts with wheels, and customers are always satisfied with our wide variety of utility carts.

Other workers that are in an industrial environment may use our industrial plastic bins to store tools, uniforms, safety equipment, and personal items. Our industrial plastic bins are available with hi-tech poly, phenolic, and polyurethane casters. DPI helps all industrial workers safely and effectively do their job by providing them with the necessary material handling products.

Since 1976, DPI has been a leading international rotational molding manufacturer that offers an assortment of durable, high-quality plastic material handling carts, utility carts, and industrial plastic bins to industrial companies like yours.

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