Common Laundry Cart & Material Handling Cart Applications

If you’re a business that deals with a vast amount of laundry daily, then a laundry cart is an essential part of your operations. Linen exchange carts are useful for transporting heavy loads of laundry from point to point in a quick and efficient manner. Bulk linen transport carts can be used in a variety of applications across many industries, even some that you may have never considered. Hotels, resorts, hospitals, and prisons all depend on laundry carts and laundry trucks to transport linen in their facilities. However, there are businesses such as warehouses and mailrooms that can use our laundry carts for more than just laundry.

Hotels utilize our linen transport trucks to move items such as bedding, since our carts are heavy duty and have features such as blanket holders. Resorts can also use our hotel laundry carts for items such as beach towels for transporting them from pools to the laundry room.

Hospitals rely on our linen carts to carry materials such as hospital gowns and linens. It is important for hospitals to use linen exchange carts like ours that can have covers that hide the used linens inside the cart. These options are available when you order our security carts. Other industries such as restaurants utilize these plastic carts since they help to deter theft because the items inside are concealed.

Prisons need our laundry carts to transport the uniforms across the facility to the laundry space. These linen transport carts work especially well in these environments because they are available with stenciled numbers and letters to display which location or department that the cart belongs to.

Warehouses can use our laundry carts with wheels for handling materials, whether it’s transporting them to the workshop or shifting them within the warehouse during the manufacturing process. These rolling carts are also useful for moving heavy materials such as metals. Other types of large warehouses that use our plastic carts include organizations such as Goodwill to transport linens and housewares.

Mailrooms use our plastic carts to sort mail and to transport mail and larger boxed items. These material handling carts are ideal for sorting mail into different classes and for handling larger mail items such as parcels and packages.

DPI plastic carts are used by many industries every day including manufacturing plants, recycling, paper, fiber, food, and organic waste industries. Our various models are available in many sizes, capacities, and colors to match customer requirements for their specific industry. We also offer customization options such as handles, dividers, covers, security carts, spring platforms, hanger bars, blanket holders, cargo nets, tow hitches, hanging doors, drain holes, and more. Request a quote today on your laundry carts.

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