Diversified Plastics and the Hospitality Industry

Diversified Plastics provides a variety of industries with our industrial plastic products. One industry that we provide plastic products to is the hospitality industry with our linen exchange carts.

Places such as hotels, motels, cruise ships, and resorts rely on the housekeeping staff to provide clean rooms for guests. Housekeepers are responsible for changing linens, sanitizing the bathroom(s), and removing trash [1]. To efficiently do their job, housekeepers utilize various equipment to keep the premises to the highest standard of appearance.

DPI manufactures equipment such as material handling carts and industrial plastic bins that allow a housekeeper to easily transport and sort their supplies without the hassle of carrying everything around. Our industrial plastic bins are a great place for housekeeping staff to place dirty linens in when they are cleaning a room. Without our material handling carts, housekeeping staff may struggle to transport their supplies from room to room.

Since 1976, Diversified Plastics, Inc. has been a leading international rotational molding manufacturer that offers a complete assortment of durable, high-quality plastic material handling carts and industrial plastic products. Many businesses choose our products because they are eco-friendly, widely available, and easy to operate.

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