How Our Plastic Carts Can Be Used as Textile Dye Tubs

The global textile dyes market is projected to reach $15.5 billion by 2026. [1] The fabric and clothing manufacturing industry rely on processes, such as textile dying, to obtain the color and pattern needed for their designs. Our industrial plastic bins are an ideal choice for textile dye tubs because of their unique properties and customization options.

Benefits of Using DPI Plastic Industrial Bins for Textile Dye Tubs

  • Easy to Clean – Can easily be cleaned between dye sessions
  • No Sharp Edges – This allows for employees to easily use the textile dye tubs without worry
  • Lightweight – Easily can be moved since these weigh less than other metal carts
  • Durable – Will stand the test of time against harsh dyes
  • Available with hi-tech poly, phenolic, and polyurethane casters for easy transportation

If you are in the textile industry, request a quote today to learn more about our textile dye tub options!


  1. Textile Dyes Market by Dye Type

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