How to Determine the Right Commercial Dumpster for Your Needs

Choosing the correct commercial trash bin for your application begins with understanding your options. Our commercial garbage bins are available in the following sizes:

2 Yard Commercial Dumpster
3 Yard Commercial Dumpster
4 Yard Commercial Dumpster
6 Yard Commercial Dumpster
8 Yard Commercial Dumpster

Each of our commercial dumpster sizes have a differing capacity, width, depth, and height. It is important to note that dumpster dimensions are generally provided in feet and measured from the outside of the container walls. [1] Estimating the dumpster size that you will need for your total volume of debris can be challenging, therefore, we suggest purchasing a dumpster that is a size larger than you believe you will need for the amount of debris you may have. This is especially important when purchasing commercial dumpsters for large scale projects in construction and home remodeling where debris pieces can be large and take up vast amounts of space within your bin. Our plastic commercial dumpster experts at DPI can assist you in choosing the proper size for your project.

Another factor to consider when selecting your commercial trash bin is color. We offer customizable colors that can match your company colors or special requirements. DPI commercial dumpsters have a smooth surface ideal for placing a logo or graphic. These provide a fantastic opportunity for brand advertising at sports venues and stadiums.

The last step after deciding the size and color for your commercial trash bin is choosing any add-on options that you may need for your application. DPI offers plug drains, casters, chain locks for covers, stenciled numbers & letters, and differing lid colors. Apartment complexes and restaurants often use the chain lock cover feature.

Ready to purchase your commercial dumpster? Request a quote today! Still need to speak with one of our commercial container experts to discuss your options? We would be happy to assist, please give us a call!


  1. Waste Advantage Magazine, “Choosing the Right Dumpster Size for Your Project,” accessed April 16, 2021


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