How To Determine The Right Material Handling Cart For Your Application

With so many choices out there for material handling, it can be hard to decide which option best fits your needs. We suggest to our customers to gather the following information before choosing their material handling cart.

Questions About Your Material Handling Cart Needs:

  1. What type or types of material will you be moving?
  2. What is the size and shape of the product that you need to move?
  3. What is the weight of the product that needs moved?
  4. Are your products that need moved perishable or a chemical? Are there any specific hygiene requirements?

After you have reviewed these questions, we can then recommend the best material handling cart choice based on our full line of plastic carts:

We usually recommend plastic bulk carts and flat sided bulk carts to companies that require a large industrial plastic bin with wheels to transport materials around their manufacturing plants. The opportunities for material handling are endless with this cart type since so many customizable options are available, such as drain holes, spring lifts, and handles.

Easy access carts, elevated carts, narrow transport carts, plastic tilt trucks, and commercial utility carts with wheels are all designed to deliver superior functionality with aesthetics to any manufacturing or industrial application. Our easy access carts and elevated carts are especially helpful to your team members that are working in your facility to easily access the material they need from your cart without bending over or excessive movements.

Linen and plastic laundry transport carts and linen exchange carts are the ideal choice for hotels, prisons, and hospitals, or anywhere where linens need transported in bulk with convenience. Our laundry carts can be customized with hinged lids to discreetly carry linens and to help keep them clean and free of debris.

If you need assistance choosing a material handling cart that best fits your needs, contact us today to speak with one of our experienced representatives!




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