How to Reduce Workplace Injuries with Ergonomic Carts

The National Safety Council found that the total cost of work injuries totaled $161.5 billion in one year. [1] If you are using plastic utility carts that are not ergonomic, you could negatively impact your bottom line. Nonfatal injuries are costly, with a per-person average of approximately 11 lost workdays and a value of $1,560 per year in the United States. [2]

Many movements on the job have the potential for causing injuries, including:

  • Awkward postures, such as bending & twisting
  • Repetitive motions, including reaching, lifting, & carrying
  • Forceful exertions, like pushing or lifting heavy loads

Our small utility carts with wheels are the ideal ergonomic cart solution that increases productivity and decreases back strain. Our plastic carts provide ergonomic solutions across a broad spectrum of applications and industries including distribution, food processing, recycling, construction, demolition and laundry.

Request your quote today for utility carts with wheels to help prevent workplace injuries and increase efficiency!


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  1. Average of 11 Work Days Lost Due to Injury Per Person in U.S.

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