Material Handling Carts for Colleges and Universities

Universities have many moving parts that allow the organization to function daily, from resident halls to recreational centers. Material handling carts from DPI help to make these areas more efficient and increase college student and employee satisfaction. Read on to learn how material handling carts can be used in university settings.

College Student Move In and Move Out of University Housing

Did you know that (43%) Americans who began college in 2020 moved away from home, the highest rate since 2005? [1] This means many are bringing all their belongings that they may need for multiple semesters, which ends up being a lot to transport in and out of resident halls! Our university moving carts have a large capacity while being easy to maneuver in narrow hallways. College moving carts help to make the moving process more efficient by decreasing the number of trips that students and their family or friends must make from their vehicle to their dorm.

University Mailrooms

Some colleges may receive thousands of mail pieces and packages to their mailrooms daily. Our material handling carts and utility carts with wheels can assist with sorting and transporting large amounts of mail and packages.

College Cafeterias

Our produce carts are often utilized to shift food items around cafeterias and kitchens to their designated areas. Material handling carts can be customized for this application with shelves in the carts.

University Recreational Centers and Gyms

Sports teams and gyms can produce many loads of laundry that need transported to the recreational center laundry rooms. Material handling carts can carry these items including jerseys, uniforms, towels, and even sports equipment.

If you are a college or university that is interested in college moving carts or material handling carts, request your quote today so that we can help you determine the best fit for your application!



  1. On The Move: New Study Shows More Students Leaving Home for College.

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