Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle: Why You Should Start Recycling if You Haven’t

We all know that recycling is great for the environment. But a few of us will admit, we don’t take the extra time out of our day to find somewhere to recycle our cardboard boxes or our empty glass bottles.

One of the biggest industries that can contribute the most to making a difference with recycling is the food and restaurant industry.

We know how much waste can come from the kitchen of a busy restaurant. It’s a lot! By establishing a recycling routine with a commercial recycling container, you can not only save money but contribute to saving the environment too.


So why should you recycle?

It saves resources. By separating your trash from your recyclables with commercial recycling bins, you’re already saving reusable resources. This means reduced energy use and pollution associated with making that product entirely from scratch again. [1]

It reduces your costs. Restaurants already pay for waste disposal. If you’re separating things into a commercial recycling container, you’re already decreasing the cost of a trash service. Recycling services cost significantly less meaning you’ll save more money. [1]

It can improve customer service. In some states, statistics show that 95% of its citizens recycle regularly. “Recycling demonstrates your business’ commitment to environmental protection.” [1]


It is easy to see why a restaurant should begin recycling if they haven’t already. This doesn’t exclude all the other industries that could be recycling right now, so find a commercial recycling bin and get to work!

Diversified Plastics provides durable and customizable commercial recycling bins and recycling containers. Perfect for restaurants, recycling centers, consignment stores, and food processing plants, these plastic recycling bins will hold all your recyclables. To request a quote, visit:



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