Safety Benefits of Utility Carts in the Workplace

Commercial utility carts can make any environment clean and practical by providing mobility and organization. Utility carts with wheels provide a health and safety benefit to employees because they eliminate the need to lift and carry goods and materials.

Employees can load a small utility cart with wheels and push it to its destination without causing strain to their bodies. In fact, back strain injuries are one of the most common cases doctors see with employees that carry goods and materials back and forth [1]. This benefit of our industrial utility carts creates a functional work environment that provides efficiency and safety to employees.

Plastic commercial utility carts from Diversified Plastics, Inc. deliver superior functionality and aesthetics. Our industrial plastic utility carts with wheels are 100% recyclable, environmentally friendly, and made with FDA-approved polyethylene plastic.

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  1. Sophy, Joshua. “Best Utility Carts for Your Business.” 2020.

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