The Benefits of Using Plastic Linen Transport Carts

Plastic linen transport carts are utilized by the hotel, resort, hospitality, hospital, and prison industries. Since our linen transport carts are moved around a lot, it’s vital to have a cart that is made of a corrosion resistant and durable material.

Our plastic linen transport carts are aesthetically pleasing and deliver superior functionality. They can easily be hooked together with an added-on hitch so you can transport multiple units together. We also offer cart covers, this allows the transport cart contents to remain hidden and protected from outside elements.

Plastic linen transport carts from Diversified Plastics, Inc. are a more sustainable option for the industries who desire a lightweight, durable and aesthetically appealing linen cart. Our linen transport carts are easy to maintain, and you never have to worry about sharp edges catching on anything. In addition, our linen transport carts have a smooth surface for stenciling numbers or letters onto the product.

No matter where you use our plastic linen transport carts, you will find that the durability and corrosion resistant properties of our carts stand the test of time. Since our plastic linen transport carts are 100% recyclable and made of FDA-approved polyethylene plastic, you know that you are choosing the most environmentally friendly option.

Our linen transport cars are available in a variety of sizes and colors. Request your quote today!

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