Transform Your Workspace with Commercial Utility Carts

Utility carts serve more than just your standard material transportation needs.

Utility carts can also make great storage bins that help maintain a functional and organized workspace.

When your employees are not using a utility cart with wheels to transport materials from place to place, then the cart can be used as a commercial storage bin.

Utility carts have an industrial plastic bin mounted on top of a heavy-duty metal frame with wheels that works as a transportation or storage bin. The industrial plastic bin is heavy-duty and waterproof, which means expensive and sensitive materials are well protected [1].

Your employees can place items such as clean linens and towels into the utility cart’s plastic bin to store for later use. Once an employee needs fresh linens or towels, then all they must do is move the utility cart out of its storage spot and transport the materials to their destination.

Many workplaces such as loading docks, hotels, hospitals, stock rooms, manufacturing plants, and warehouses choose utility carts with wheels from Diversified Plastics Inc.

Diversified Plastics Inc. utility cart features:

  • 100% recyclable
  • Environmentally friendly
  • FDA-approved polyethylene plastic
  • Diverse shapes, colors, sizes, and ergonomic designs

Utility carts have significant transportation and storage purposes. To find a utility cart that would best serve your business needs, request a quote.



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