Who Can Benefit from Plastic Boat Dock Floats

Plastic floating docks are utilized by many industries that center around water. Since they are incredibly durable and virtually maintenance free, they can result in long-range savings for businesses and residences.

The Benefits of a Plastic Floating Dock

While floating docks aren’t quite as stable as fixed docks in terms of balance, they offer several benefits beyond their obvious ability to ride the tide. For one, a floating dock can easily be repositioned or fully removed as needed, whereas a fixed dock must essentially be dismantled to be altered or moved.

A plastic floating dock is also usually much more affordable than a fixed, permanent dock, requiring much less rigorous design and installation. A floating dock of a size appropriate for use by a single boat can usually be installed and ready to use in a single day. [1]

Examples of Applications for Boat Dock Floats

  • Boat Dock Floats – New or an Addition to Existing Framework That May Be Wood, Steel, or Aluminum
  • Plastic Floating Docks
  • Lake Docks
  • Floating Walkway
  • Floating Boat Houses and Cabins
  • Duck Blinds
  • Fishing Platform
  • Boat Lifts
  • Oyster Farms & Hatcheries
  • Industrial Agitators Used in Water Treatment Industry

We manufacture our plastic floating docks in the USA with molded-in mounting slots for easy attachment and a solid expanded polystyrene foam core. The tough shell of the plastic boat dock float contains ultraviolet inhibitors that help to prevent damage from the sun, salt water, fresh water, debris, oil gas, and marine life.

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