Why Commercial Recycling Matters

According to the EPA, in 2018 the United States produced 292.4 million tons of waste. [1] Due to the impact on our environment and the health of our population, it’s critical to increase the nationwide recycling rate. We’re proud to be able to assist companies with their commercial recycling needs with our commercial recycling containers.

Advantages of Commercial Waste Recycling

  • Reduces environmental impact
  • Improves company brand image
  • Can decrease material costs and increase your profits

What Materials Are Recycled the Most in America?

  • Paper & Paperboard: 45,970,000 tons (66.5%)
  • Metals: 8,720,000 tons (12.6%)
  • Wood: 3,100,000 tons (4.5%)
  • Plastics: 3,090,000 tons (4.5%)
  • Glass: 3,060,000 tons (4.4%)
  • Textiles: 2,510,000 tons (3.6%)
  • Rubber & Leather: 1,670,000 tons (2.4%)
  • Other: 980,000 tons (1.4%) [1]

If your business is not currently recycling these materials, then now is the time to start! Industries such as restaurants, sports venues, food processing plants, and thrift stores use our commercial recycling containers. DPI makes it convenient with a variety of commercial recycling dumpster options, available in 2-, 3-, and 4-yard sizes.

Advantages of Our Commercial Dumpsters Compared to Traditional Metal Dumpsters

  • Keeps water and moisture out with drain plugs
  • Nestable for shipping and quick deliveries
  • Extra ribbing and fork pocket industrial plastic liners for heavy load

If your business is ready to get started with commercial recycling containers, request your quote today to learn more about our commercial recycling solutions!


  1. “National Overview: Facts and Figures on Materials, Wastes, and Recycling”


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